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  3. Randy Rodriguez, Superintendent

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Elizabeth Sorsen ‘96

Early Childhood Center


You can’t go wrong - any teacher, any building...

Richard Overmire


A growing district, one of the best...

Butch Zoet

District Green Initiative

Creating a safe place for kids and the environment...

Desiree ‘09

Advanced Placement Art

Caledonia has an impressive art program...

Kelsey ‘10


A great opportunity and experience...

  1. Money Magazine named Caledonia as one of the top 100 places to live in the United States

  2. and our schools were one of the top reasons!

  1. Our students earned some of the best MEAP scores in the state!


Bob Lillie

Former School Board


The arms of this community are around me...

Lee ‘10


Here, it’s a lot better...

Karina ‘15

Student Council Member

Choices for kids of all abilities...

Cole ‘13

Middle School Student

Please think of more than just cows...

Abby ‘14

Middle School Student

A great place to grow...

Rachel Nemmers ‘06

Davenport University

     Cheer Coach

Cheerleading has opened many doors for me...

PeriAnne ’10

     and Carrie Murphy

CHS Student, Teacher

The community pitches in together to raise our kids...

Suniel ‘16

Student Council President

Full of fond memories, learning and friends...

Herminio ‘09


A strong community that rallies around the arts...

Jane & Keagan Pontious

Key Communicator

Caledonia is a great place to raise a family...

  1. One of the top 3 school districts in West Michigan, 5 years running! (Grand Rapids Magazine)


Cindy Boorsma

PTO President

Getting parents involved...

Char Kimball

Office Manager

I’ve been here 28 years...

Madelyn ‘17

Student Council President

Lots of things to do, and you feel very safe...

Jeremy Geerdes

5th Grade Teacher

“Educational Excellence Every Child, Every Day”

Rheese ‘22

Early Childhood Center


Snakes, frogs,

and all sorts of things...

Todd Holstege

Physical Education Teacher

Climbing wall, badminton, softball, soccer, tennis...

Tagg ‘14

Middle School Student

We’re really making a name for ourselves here...

Julie Asper


It’s like family here...

Amy Barry


It truly feels like a small town community...

Jamie Knoertzer

Cougar Kids Care Club

One of the best-kept  secrets in Michigan...

Nick ‘17

Elementary Student

Everybody is so nice...

Candi Price

Elementary Art Teacher

A lot of creative problem- solving happening here...

Nancy TenElshof

Middle School Choir


Come join our music program...

Kyle Wellfare ‘01

High School Band Teacher

A district that supports the arts...

Emily Dixon’s Class


We love Spanish...

Karen McNees

3rd Grade Teacher

We came back here for a reason...

Jane Heiss

Kent District Library Branch


A collaborative effort...

Lori Coffman

Elementary Art Teacher

The kids love to come to art class...

Pastor Jim Hodge

Caledonia United Methodist

Caring community contacts...

Casie ‘10


The k12 music program is amazing...

Chuck & Judy Swift


With the non-motorized trail system, we’re within walking distance...